Hannah, mother of Samuel

Been a couple days since my last post. I haven't written on the "official" blog yet, but I might eventually.

Also, it's Chipati...not Chobani. I think I might be missing American food a little more than I thought.

Happy Independence Day yesterday. It's one of my favorite holidays and I'm thankful for the pictures and videos I got. Oof, does that make me miss home a little bit more.

I feel like I'm really settling in this part of Kenya. I met our host family and they are exactly how everyone describes them--super nice and welcoming. Upon being introduced I was instantly named "Hannah, mother of Samuel" by the matriarch.

We had church at Emmaus in Moi's Bridge this morning. I went into the day thinking, "Hm, all we have is church today...what are we going to do the rest of the time? Little did I know that church was going to take four hours. It was the most fun I've had at church though. We witness a baptism, had communion, went to a wedding reception, and sang plenty of songs (which I loved, of course.)

I can't wait to go to the school tomorrow and see a new batch of children. Should be a good time!


  1. Fun fun fun! I had to chuckle at that Chobani comment, though. :) We missed you on the 4th! We had SO much food. I stayed home with the two youngest while everyone else checked out the fireworks so I can't state my opinion on this year's display.

    Zara and I went to see The Little Mermaid Jr. yesterday and she looooooooooved it. She'll have to tell you all about it when she sees you next. Amanda came over and hung out with Mom & Dad while Eli and I went on a date for our anniversary.

    Hope you're taking lots of pictures!

  2. I can comment on the fireworks. They were music-less until the very end. As we were walking out, they played the "God Bless the USA" country song. The fireworks were great and Zara loved the pink ones, of course. We even saw some that had smiley faces and hearts included. The corn fields were (are) definitely "knee-high-by-the-fourth-of-July."

    We (not the kids, of course) watched "JAWS" after Eli & Laura got back from their date. We're back in Eau Claire now.

    Love ya!