It's gotten to the point where I've stopped keeping track of how many days in we are and started keeping track of how many days we have left: 5. 

Writing that number seems like a joke almost, how can we only have 5 days left? I write today, not knowing what the Internet access will be like once we travel to Uganda tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a new space, a new country, Matunda is getting a little old. 

Everything is starting to look more normal here. I would say the biggest change I've noticed in myself is patience, but it's still a work in progress. Patience with not being in control, patience with plans falling through, patience with just waiting. I've never been one for being in the moment, always anticipating something new. I can't see all the benefits that come from this trip, but hopefully learning to be in the moment will be one of them.

Today we take it easy, tomorrow we go crazy. 

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