Travelling to all the places, Eating all the things

Day 4-ish in Kenya and I'm getting the hang of this.

My appetite is back, and I'm pretty sure it's due to a medication who's side-effects are...loss of appetite. So thank you for all your thoughts, turned out to be no big deal! I've also been keeping pretty well hydrated, no surprise since I'm essentially a camel back home. Water is dirty from the tap, but they sell bottled water everywhere for a very reasonable price. At the home where we ate lunch, I was able to redeem myself a little bit and try some Chobani and Ugali. The ugali is a little weird, but I could eat the Chobani (essentially a puffed tortilla) for days. Good thing we won't be here too much longer!

If you are wondering about the other groups, all have checked in on the blog now. I have a few friends in the Zambia group and we've been a bit worried that no one has checked in until today. It will be interesting to swap stories when we return.

Today at the school I was in the zone. We didn't have any lessons to teach so it was playtime while Pastor met with the teachers. I think I taught at least 4 songs to the little ones and could have sang all day long (the children could have, too). I got to use my camp counselor skills to learn names and more about the kids. They got a kick out of me trying to learn Swahili and trying to sing along with their songs--but of course I had to sing!

Tomorrow we travel. We will be in Kitale for the next week. My understanding is that it's bigger that Kisii. We're going north so I'm excited to see how the terrain changes.


  1. Kiddos are so fun! I love how eager they are to learn and sing and experience new things. How's the weather?

  2. Glad you are doing this Hannah, proud of you too. God go with you! Love you lots.