Nanny Routine So Far

One of the reasons that I like to be a nanny is that I feel like it provides me with a glimpse into motherhood, so when that day comes I'm not too overwhelmed.

So far, our summer schedule looks like this:

7:30 Breakfast
8:00 Brush Teeth and Hair, Change Clothes, Make Beds
8:30 Play time while I eat my breakfast and plan/get ready for the day
9:00 First outing (changes every day)
12:00 Lunch prep/serve lunch
1:00 Reading Time
1:30 Quiet Time/Nap Time/MY Netflix and reading time
2:30 End Quiet Time (because one of the girls got out of school just this week, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with her once her quiet time is over, but I'm thinking we'll work on some schoolwork type things for avoiding regression)
3:00-3:30 TV shows (I have been allowing 2 shows a day, or one movie. They don't care too much for being on a tablet or computer.)
4:00-4:30 Outside time/craft time/pool time once it gets warmer
6:00 I get to go home!

It is honestly so much easier than my first position, even if the hours are longer. I think that all that comes from experience and knowing that it is not my job to keep them 100% entertained throughout the summer, which was very stressful to me several years ago. I like how this summer is looking AND now there are all kinds of local programs to keep them involved!

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