As of April 29, we are engaged! It definitely wasn't a surprise that it was coming, but it is still very exciting. It happened in Carson Park, while we were taking a walk around Half Moon Lake. I didn't take any pictures because I wanted us to just spend the first few hours together, telling family and close friends, and not being tempted to post on social media.

So far, we have a little bit planned. I found my wedding dress this weekend. We know where the reception will be and the date: January 20th of next year! I feel like I may regret that in the future, what with me finishing student teaching on January 19th. I can handle it, though.

We have also begun a registry. We are sticking to Amazon, because it is convenient for those who prefer online shopping, and because the selection is HUGE. It has been a lot of fun determining what pieces will go well together in our first home. We also went with Target because I know a lot of people (myself included) wait until the week of to find a wedding gift. No biggie, but I got them covered just in case.

As for our first home, it will be an apartment. Justin will live there until our wedding, and then I will move in. I am so excited to gradually put our things together and to streamline everything to fit into the apartment. I have been having a real minimalism kick, and I think it's here to stay. I am not hardcore by any means, but I appreciate only having things that are useful and beautiful, to a point. I have a few knick knacks that are very special to me, and I know Justin does, too.

I will keep updating as we have more details planned!

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