End of Summer and New Season Goals

This summer has been marked with a list of accomplishments...

1 trip to Valleyfair
7 bike rides to the Corner Store
9 books read (and counting)
10 meetings with potential vendors
12 trips to the library
15 games of PayDay
22 scoops of ice cream (approximately)
100+ episodes of cartoons

I don't know if you would necessarily call those accomplishments as much as they are ways to pass time while watching the four pre-teens this summer. I have to say, this summer has gone particularly well for me compared to other summers. It's no secret that summer is my least favorite season, but the kids have been active and interested all summer in what we do, and that's been a big help. I have one week left, and thankfully it is a full week, because it also marks the last opportunity to bring home a paycheck before student teaching. I've been praying a lot that God would bring an opportunity for me to make a bit of cash now and again during the school year so I don't have to rely solely on my savings.

I get to meet my cooperating teacher for my first assignment this week, and I couldn't be more excited. I am looking forward to getting back into a routine and having the responsibility of shaping young minds again. I thrive on routine, and that's my mode of survival for the coming school year. Some of the goals I have in mind are:

-waking up an hour before I have to leave, so I can get a home workout in most mornings
-meal prepping on Sundays for lunches
-packing wholesome snacks like almonds in my bag
-setting up a carpool with fellow student teachers
-taking walks during my lunch break (if I get one!)

I really want to maintain a healthy lifestyle while I am in the classroom, because it will help to have the energy and the mental strength to focus on my students. With wedding planning, preparing my application for licensure, and creating lesson plans, I will need all the help I can get!