Welcome Fall and Bridal Shower Pictures

It is about to be my favorite time of year! I say "about to be" because it has felt like the dog days of summer these past few days. I have all these cute fall and winter teacher clothes, but not many summer clothes. With the A/C being broken in school, I had a pretty miserable time in the classroom last week, but now things are looking brighter.

I really love the school I am at. The kids have a lot of energy and we have some real sweethearts. I started teaching math last week and it sure is a lot of work! I only got my feet wet, though.

Last weekend I had my first bridal shower, held by my mom and sisters. It was a hot day out, and rained in the morning, but my parents' house has a nice 3-season room that we sat in. We had brunch (my favorite), with mimosas, muffins, and quiche. Everything was so cute! I was shocked with how much I took over to the apartment with me. They don't call it a shower for nothing! I am very thankful for giving family and friends, and it was so nice to see everyone!

My "bow"quet for the rehearsal. 

The hosts and I, my wonderful sisters.

My mom and I. I love this picture!

I found this old picture of me dressing up as a bride. This is pretty similar to our wedding centerpieces!